Saturday, September 12, 2009

4-shared Problems??

Is anyone else having problems when you try to go to any 4-shared download, or is my computer (or am I) crazy?


sisterrosetta said...

Hello, yes I also am experiencing problems with 4shared.

It works then it doesn't then it does

Hope they are able to come back.

NanaScraps said...

seems to be all 4 share sites...keeps trying to connect to abcjardin.com what ever that is

Lulutoo said...

Yes, in fact, the first download that I tried that didn't work was yours (right after I posted a thank you)! I figure the site is down and if I try back later, it will work then.

Carissa said...

I just tried downloading something from a different site too. Doesn't seem to be working.
Perhaps I'll just have to take a break from downloading oodles of goodies tonight and do some actual scrapbooking! hehe

Brandi said...

It's not you. 4shared has been hacked. If you hit the front page (4shared.com) the hacker left a little note... I will never understand why people do stuff like that.

MemoryKeeper said...

Yes, me too! I keep getting an abcjardin.com hack, whatever that means....arghhhhh!

Hugs from the heart,
Easy Custom Blogs

LionessZA said...

I also have problems. Blamed my ISP, now I see that there is more people having the same problem. :(

Cat of Le Chat Designs said...

Waving hello to you! I haven't had a problem with 4-shared yet :crossing fingers:. If anybody needs an alternative site to host their uploads, I currently use ShareCG without issues. If you wonder how ShareCG might work for you, I invite you to come test out the site link in my 9-81 blog entry. Lots of hugs, Cat of Le Chat Designs