Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Romance Layouts #2

Here are some more layouts made with my "Sweet Romance" kit. My Creative Team (CT) is small in numbers, but not in talent! Thanks, ladies!

First up is from Rose, who is busier than ever but still managed to put together 2 great layouts. I'll share her other one later this week.

Next: 2 of the layouts made by another guest CT member, Jenni. Thanks so much for helping me out and doing a great job!

And finally, another layout I made. Thank goodness for scanners ~ would have been nice to have digital cameras back in the 80's! The pictures are a little dark, but this is my cute little Megan who now makes fun of ME whenever I stick my tongue out!

Check back later tonight for the ELEMENTS download.

1 comment:

Carole N. said...

What wonderful layouts. I love your layout. I have photos of my son from the 70's so I am thankful for scanners, also. How I wish we would have had our great digital cameras when my son was small. He turned 40 in June so lots of changes since he was born.
At least, I have had my digital camera for most of the photos of his children.
Big Hugs!