Friday, July 30, 2010

August RCC Inspiration

Just to “whet your appetite” and get your ideas going, I wanted to share my inspiration for the August recipe card challenge (RCC) at theStudio. Janice suggested doing summer recipes like homemade ice cream, and when I saw these pictures from Kraft Foods, my decision was made! Don’t they look good?!? I’m finishing up the starter kit today and will post it in my store tomorrow. Check back later this weekend for that, plus TWO blog trains: “The Great Outdoors” and “A Name and a Blessing.”

Strawberry_Cream_Cake COOL_N_EASY_Strawberry_Pie
Minty-Lime-Freeze-56608 Berry-Cheesecake-Parfaits-54306
Lemon-Raspberry-Mousse-Squares-20167 072710_rbe_us_nk_hero

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teresaj said...

Oooh can't wait. Can't wait to get my cards from the July challenge.