Saturday, September 25, 2010

Backwards Progressive Sale

The September birthday bash events are coming to an end at theStudio. It’s been exciting to see all the talent in the next designer contest ~ I’m super glad I’m not competing this year! The final entries will be full-size kits you’ll be able to download free for a limited time. As the contestants finish their Round 5 kits, you’ll be able to see them here.

Also, there is still time left to complete some of the birthday bash specific challenges. You can see all the great prizes here.

And last: just in time for this weekend’s “backwards progressive sale,” I’ve added a new kit to my store. Here’s a preview ~ I’ll include more info (and a sampler add-on) in a separate post. Sale will be:

  • 50% off on Saturday, September 25
  • 40% off on Sunday, September 26
  • 30% off on Monday, September 27
  • 20% off on Tuesday, September 28


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