Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smell My Feet Collab kit

I had the chance to work with Carmen (LightningBug Creations) and Steph (Scrappy Cocoa) on a Halloween collab kit at theStudio. Steph came up with the color palette and name. Here’s a preview of my part of the kit, followed by a preview of the entire kit. It’s in the store now.



And here are some layouts by my wonderfully talented CT. They used bits and pieces from the entire kit. Click on the pictures for a closer look…


Nita (1 of 2)

Smell My Feet (Kiana) Smell My Feet (Nita-1)

Robyn (1 of 2)


Smell My Feet (Robyn-1) Smell My Feet (Julie)

Nita (2 of 2)

Robyn (2 of 2)

Smell My Feet (Nita-2) Smell My Feet (Robyn-2)

I love the new “hybrid” stuff Robyn is doing, like this 8” x 10” game board she created. I think this will be a blog freebie; I’ll post the link later. In the meantime, check out her blog to see the other things she’s done.

Smell My Feet (Robyn-Dots)

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