Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recipe Card Challenge ~ January

The starter kit for this month’s recipe card challenge is in my store. This will be a freebie for those who participated the month before; others will be able to purchase it for a low price.

I was going to make this “winter” kit using the traditional blue and gray; those colors would certainly express how I feel about the cold weather and inversion we’re dealing with here. But then I found this cute clipart and the bright colors cheered me up! The green and yellow make me feel hopeful for spring! I'm already sick to death of the freezing cold and am ready for some comfort and warm sunshine!

Which leads to this month’s general theme: FROZEN FOODS or your favorite COMFORT FOOD that makes you feel good and warm inside! This is a wide open theme ~ anything goes! Be creative and have fun with your cards! If you’d like the complete set of recipes, just use this kit and prepare/share at least one card ~ read all the details HERE.

Reminder: The papers in this mini kit are sized 4 x 6, and the elements are smaller to fit the paper size.




JHawk said...

Love the colors. I'm glad you didn't go with the typical colors.

cjpeterson38 said...

Thank you for the kit. I am going to get busy on this right away. I think "comfort food" sounds good this time of the year.
By the way, I have really enjoyed working on these recipes for the last few months.
Are you going to sell or make available the previous recipes? Maybe we could do another challenge to get them.