Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy birthday, Amber!

The greatest joy and most treasured blessings in my life come from being mom to my 3 incredible children. Today is Amber’s birthday, and I just wanted to publicly say how much I love her before we head over there to see her in person to celebrate! Amber, you are an amazing woman, wife, teacher, employee, neighbor, sister, daughter, and friend. I’m so grateful Heavenly Father trusted me to give you life, and even more grateful for the life you have led and the beautiful person you’ve become ~ both inside and out. Thanks for suffering through my inadequacies and remaining one of my best friends. I love you!

For all the young moms out there: slow down and take the time to enjoy every messy, noisy, tiring second ~ because all too soon your kids will be grown and those moments will become distant memories.

Amber: 5 months old // last week after running 1/2 marathon (13 miles!)

Amber Then

Amber Now

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The Julanders said...

Way to go Amber...I had both my sisters run that 1/2 marathon as well.
Today is my baby's 6th birthday. I want to hold onto her at this age forever!