Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I’m back…

Thank you for your patience while I took a little break from this blog. Both of my daughters ended up buying new-to-them houses and moving in the past few months. For one of them, it was her first home, and while she got a great deal because she bought it on a “short sale,” it took a LOT of our time helping her do a LOT of work in it. Everything turned out really nice, and while there are still some things to finish up and some attention needed in her yard, for the most part the major remodeling is done, and it looks fantastic! It’s great to see both of them settled and enjoying their new homes.

I’m trying to get back to real life, including designing, so I hope you’ll stick with me while I get caught up and start working on some new stuff!

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Carolyn said...

How funny that you posted tonight! Just last night I checked your blog to see what happened to you and if your blog was still here. I'm glad to see that it is and that you are back! My youngest daughter is looking for a new home and my oldest daughter made us grandparents three months ago! Family first, always!

Welcome back!