Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cafe in Paris Collection ~ Paper Packs

It’s time for the spring collection at theStudio. Designers work with the same color palette and general idea to create coordinating items, and there is always a huge variety to the interpretation and presentation of the theme. Here’s a snapshot of our inspiration.


The second color to the last is actually a dark purple; I lightened it up a bit in my kits since it was so similar “dark-wise” to the brown beside it. I had fun working with this idea to create some “Paris specific” papers in my pack 3 “scenic” collection, as well as several more general-use solids and patterned papers.

Here are the previews of my 3 paper packs; I’ll post the elements later. These are all on sale in my store for $1.00 each through April 15, so if you’re interested in any of my packs or those from the other designers, grab them now for the best price. I’ll be adding these to my other stores, including My Memories, once the sale is over at theStudio.


LMS_CafeInParis-2_Preview  LMS_CafeInParis-3_Preview

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