Friday, September 18, 2009

SAS Contest Update ~ Round 2

First up: thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Stone Accents Studio (SAS) contest. I made it through round 2 ~ and now comes the scary round. I have to create 3 papers and 6 elements, which is simple enough ~ but EVERYTHING must be my own creation with NO help from any commercial use items. No brushes, actions, styles, etc.! So I've been taking pictures to texturize my papers, and am figuring out how to use my scanner for more than photos. And then there's extracting! Oh, boy! But I'm not going to quit now! And hopefully, my mini kit will turn out fine!

Here's the required palette; the theme is "Autumn Fest." I need to get this done soon or I won't have time for the Stuff to Scrap blog train, and I definitely don't want to miss that. And I promised a part 2 for my "Circle of Friends" kit, but that will have to wait a bit longer. For now, I just need to get over this nasty bug I've had all week. Take care ~ catch ya later...


Paula said...

Aaahhh that nasty bug is at my house too. Sore throat, fever(although low grade) and coughing. Can't go anywhere cause I don't want to spread it, so I've been scrapping. Good luck on round 3. I know you can do it. Sure hope your feeling better soon.

Jenn said...

Best of luck! Hope you get feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and downloading my stuff. I have added you to a link list of my friends. :D Happy scrapping!

Dotty Dot Dot DigiScrap

Michele said...


Carissa said...

Yay! Congrats! You are amazing! What an exciting/scary challenge. I'm sure your kit will turn out great though. Good luck!
And I hope you're feeling better soon. That bug has been visiting my house too. Ick! No fun!