Friday, June 4, 2010

CT Intros ~ Kiana and Tammy

Here are two more CT intros. Kiana is one of my newer CT members, and Tammy has been with me from the beginning. They both have really cute kids that are the subjects of most of their layouts. I’ve included Kiana’s 2 layouts she made with my “Family Ties” kit, as well as her “Outside My Window: Spring” layout that I never posted. For Tammy, I thought it would be fun to post two of the first brag books she made for me using my “Summer Camp” kit. Thanks, ladies ~ I’m lucky to work with you!

CT Intro-Kiana

Kiana Together Kiana One Year Ago
3 Hams and Eggs (Kiana)  

CT Intro-Tammy


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Rose said...

I knew you wouldn't have any trouble finding people who wanted to work with your desings! How are things going? I'm back at work full time and am cutting back my CT duties as I can't keep up :(
Trying to find that fine line of balance has been challenging, but I am so much happier and things are going great. TTFN!