Friday, July 2, 2010

Recipe Card Challenge ~ July

The starter kit for this month’s recipe card challenge is in my store. Just add it to your cart, checkout, and download. It will be a freebie through July 14, and then will be available at a nominal price.

The general theme for this month’s cards is outdoor cooking: Dutch oven and BBQ recipes, or anything you’d bring to an outdoor cookout, camping trip, picnic, etc., including salads, baked beans, a side dish, dessert, etc. If you’d like the complete set of recipes at the end of the month, just use this kit and prepare/share one card ~ you can read all the details HERE.

Reminder: The papers in this mini kit are sized 4 x 6, and the elements are smaller to fit the paper size. If some of this looks familiar, it’s because it’s similar to my Backyard BBQ kit. Works great for this month’s theme…



Kristen said...

Great kit! I can't wait to start on this. You do an awesome job!!

Lynna said...

Too cute! Thanks so much!

Sweet Pea said...

This is so cute! Thanks!