Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe Card Challenge ~ August

The starter kit for this month’s recipe card challenge is in my store. Just add it to your cart, checkout, and download. It will be a freebie through August 14, and then will be available at a nominal price.

The general theme for this month’s cards is summer treats: ice cream, frozen desserts, smoothies, fruit recipes ~ really, anything you might make to cool off on a hot summer day! Click here if you need some ideas or inspiration. If you’d like the complete set of recipes, just use this kit and prepare/share one card ~ you can read all the details HERE.

Reminder: The papers in this mini kit are sized 4 x 6, and the elements are smaller to fit the paper size. If some of this looks familiar, it’s because it’s similar to my Strawberry Nirvana kit, which is 50% off all month long.



Anonymous said...

Love these recipe cards--so fun and colorful. Thanks

Lisa said...

This is so cute. Thank you for sharing.