Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sneak Peak ~ and Dropbox Link

NOTE: If interested, please read below for information about Dropbox.

From February 1-14, I will share the spotlight as one of the Featured Designers at theStudio with an incredibly talented, creative, and thoughtful designer: Karen from Snickerdoodle Designs. After much discussion, we picked an idea, theme, and color palette ~ and then the fun began! I totally love how this turned out and am excited to share it with you! There will be a freebie mini kit you can use to create a layout, and then one lucky person will be randomly selected to win the full kit. Here’s a little sneak peak of just a few of the adorable elements!

mini-sneak-peakOne of the many things I learned from Karen during our collaboration was to use an amazing FREE online storage system called Dropbox. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know much about this or use it – what a great resource! Not just for filing your own stuff online, but being able to share files instantaneously with someone else and not have to wait forever to upload or download something. It’s also great because I can see my files I’ve stored there rather I’m on my home or work computer, my mobile device, or anywhere I can access the Internet. No more attaching documents to e-mails – just “drop” them in Dropbox! Sweet!

Here’s the best part: you get 2 GB of free online storage when you sign up. You can pay for more if you want – OR once you’re signed up and have downloaded Dropbox to your computer, you can send your own link to friends or family members. If they sign up and download Dropbox to their computer, BOTH of you get an additional 500 MB of free storage space, up to like 16 GB, I think.

If you want to try this out, here’s my link: http://db.tt/d11iEN6O

You don’t have to sign-up through my link, but if you do, we’ll both get extra storage space added to our individual accounts. I won’t have access to any of your files; we just both get the bonus.  If you have any questions or need help, please let me know! : )

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The Julanders said...

LOVE! I'm so excited you teamed up with Snickerdoodle Design. You and her are on the TOP of my favorite designers! I can't wait for the new month.
I learned about Dropbox just a few months ago...I wish I could get the extra bonus for you, but I'm already there. (still learning the tricks there)